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A Musician on a mission


I am a self-taught pianist from Cleveland, OH, constantly learning how to improve my skill set as a solo contemporary artist.

I started practicing in my teenage years; learning how to play simple tunes that I've heard from different television shows, movies, and video games. They were the fundamental stepping stones in my musical development. I grew up enjoying masterpieces from classical composers such as Johannes Brahms and Antonín Dvořák, as well as contemporary jazz artists, Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright, and Kenny G. With every opportunity, I would sit at my grandmother's old upright piano and try to play along to the songs that came from the radio, foregoing the traditional piano lessons. In high school, I never passed 'Intro to Piano' due to my inability to read music; despite my ability to play recognized notes by ear. Since then, I've continued to perform and diligently compose new music for listeners worldwide. 

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